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Investing today for a better tomorrow.

Marko Denic And Martin Cremer


Our mission is to foster and facilitate money flows from public and private sources in order to design and implement innovative concepts to help address today’s challenges. We build bridges between responsible investors that are looking for positive impact on people and our planet in addition to seeking financial return, and meaningful investment opportunities addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on emerging and developing countries.

We are a dynamic and outcome-oriented finance provider with a unique access to a network of academic, advisory and investment professionals, with a focus on outside-the-box, custom-made and complex solutions.



At FS Impact Finance, we are convinced that innovation is key to our clients’, and thus, our success. Thanks to our broad remit as a finance solution provider, we thrive on exchanges and ideas due to our unusual setting. Being embedded into one of the leading European business schools and having access to the wealth of experience from our colleagues on the advisory side, enables us to be creative and aware of future market trends.

Our lean structure and employee engagement position our company as a learning organisation that cherishes adaptability – permitting us to move fast in an ever-changing environment.

Our corporate values

are based on integrity, responsibility and creativity: integrity by basing our actions on being honest and having strong moral principles; responsibility by being accountable for and transparent about our actions; creativity by combining our diverse experiences and cultural backgrounds with our imagination and original ideas to create new business approaches.

Martin Cremer, Managing Director at FS Impact Finance

Happy Employees


At FS Impact Finance we are open to change, we value new ideas and we empower our staff to take ownership of their professional life. Our flat hierarchy and communicative approach are geared towards a pleasant and transparent work environment, valuing the individual as an essential component of a team.

Our strengths lie in combining a unique mixture of cultures with young as well as seasoned professionals with diverse experiences.

Colleagues Chatting In The Office


We are proud of our dynamic and flexible attitude, where we embrace our jobs in a proactive and fun way.

Our common denominator is our entrepreneurial, hands-on approach: we, as major stakeholders of our company, provide our best for the benefit of our clients and partners in contributing to address tomorrow’s challenges.

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Employee Feedback

Join our Team!

We are a multicultural and interdisciplinary team and constantly looking for new colleagues who are as enthusiastic about making an impact as we are! Become a part of our team and apply for your job at FS Impact Finance now!

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