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Djordje Jakovljevic

Investment Manager

Effort does not guarantee success, but lack of effort guarantees failure. Being surrounded by people you trust makes efforts easier…

Djordje joined FS Impact Finance in January 2024 as Investment Manager.

He is 31 years old, married, the father of one daughter and waiting for the arrival of another daughter in March 2024. Coming from Banja Luka, he graduated from the University of Economics there.

Djordje has 7 years of experience in the banking industry. He worked in portfolio analysis and risk technology at Sberbank for 2.5 years and as a specialist for credit risk management at Unicredit for 4.5 years.

In his spare time, Djordje enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. As a big lover of almost all kinds of sports, he enjoys watching and playing as well. His first love was and is table tennis, which he trained and competed in for around 15 years and continues to play for recreation.

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