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Restoration Seed Capital Facility

Forest Landscape Restauration

Restoration Seed Capital Facility


Goal & Purpose

Sustainable Development Goals – Responsible Consumption and Production
Sustainable Development Goals – Climate Action
Sustainable Development Goals – Life on Land

The Bonn Challenge envisages restoring 150 million hectares by 2020, while the New York Declaration calls for 350 million hectares of land to be restored by 2030. To achieve the Bonn Challenge will require USD 359 billion and to reach the lofty targets of the New York Declaration will require an estimated USD 837 billion. The scale of the challenge is massive, without significant investment from private and public actors the targets will fall abhorrently short.

Similar to SCAF, the Restoration Seed Capital Facility (RSCF) supports early-stage development of forest restoration projects in developing countries, contributing to climate adaptation and mitigation, biodiversity, and sustainable livelihoods. Typically, early-stage development faces a lack of available funding, resulting in a reduced pipeline of investment opportunities and therefore reduced levels of investment.

This approach builds on the success of SCAF RE while accounting for the specificities of the forest landscape restoration sector, by seeking to de-risk early-stage pipeline development and therefore increase investment opportunities to catalyze investment in the sector.

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