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Marko Denic

Marko Denic

Risk Manager

In an everchanging world, we need to stay updated, informed and aware of the environment in order to be able to identify the risks and mitigate them.

Marko Denic is part of the risk management team since November 2018.

He assesses the risk profile of FS Impact Finance’s projects from the approval stage until monitoring. Marko has gathered experience in credit ratings, particularly in country ratings which includes assessment of economic, financial and political developments, as well as in financial institutions ratings.

Additionally, Marko has experience in building new contacts with potential clients and investors, maintaining the existing ones and representing the company and its interests in front of third parties.

Marko holds a diploma degree in Banking Management and a Masters’ in International Economics and Economic Policy, from Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main.

In his free time, Marko enjoys working out, learning new languages and traveling extensively, photographing the new places he visits.

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Marko Denic

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