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Radomir SavićRadomir Savić

Radomir Savić

Investment Manager

Achieving your own goals is a good driver, but working in a team, sharing the same values, and pursuing common goals is more than a good driver, it is a pleasure.

Radomir Savić joined FS Impact Finance in 2014

on the Municipal Infrastructure Development Fund in the Western Balkans. He has been an investment manager for microfinance funds managed by FS Finance since end of 2015. He is a valued client relationship manager, with high analytical knowledge and a background in risk management, especially credit risk management.

Prior to joining FS Impact Finance, he gained 13+ years’ experience in banking groups such as ProCredit and Sparkasse & Erste group. He also served as executive management board member for several years. Radomir has worked on “both sides” of the banking sector, in front office (regional manager responsible for management of sales activities) and back office (chief risk officer responsible for risk management, quality and internal control system).

Radomir has a Bachelor of Economics with honours from the University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He makes time to spend with his family and friends, as he believes that harmony in family, and honest friendship, are of greatest value.

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