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Peter MoeldersPeter Moelders

Peter Moelders

Senior Investment Manager

The world would be a better place, if people used their money to improve the livelihoods of others, because money only has a real value when it is being utilised.

Peter Moelders has been part of the investment management team
at FS Impact Finance since August 2016

and due to his extensive experience, is instrumental in the origination of high-quality assets for the GLS Microfinance fund. He has worked for FS Impact Finance in different functions since 2009.

Peter has a strong banking background with 30+ years’ experience in commercial banking, microfinance and fund management. He has served as chief executive officer as well as a board member of banks in Kosovo, Bosnia, Macedonia and Tanzania and worked before that for 16 years in major European banks: Commerzbank, Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden, UBS and ABN-Amro.

Peter holds an Master in Business Administration-equivalent specialized in bank management from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (Dipl. Bankbetriebswirt).

In his spare time, Peter enjoys spending most of his time with his daughter, which has largely replaced the time spent on sports.

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