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FS Impact Finance joins Cerise+SPTF

FS Impact Finance has become a member of the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF). This decision builds upon our longstanding cooperation with the partnering organizations, Cerise and SPTF, and their very valuable work.

Our portfolio management mandate for the GLS AI – Microfinance Fund is perfectly complemented and supported by the expertise and work of Cerise+SPTF. And this is for many reasons, as Cerise+SPTF

  • Constantly demonstrates leadership in developing standards and methodologies like the Universal Standards, which are guiding the way within the inclusive finance sector
  • Develops and offers SPI online, ALINUS and other best-in-class tools for social and environmental performance measurement
  • Established the Client Protection Pathway comprising the 8 Client Protection Principles, which have a high reputation and are unparalleled in their assurance of not harming inclusive finance clients
  • Connects the inclusive finance industry globally between social investors and financial service providers in the Global South
  • Steers investors through the myriad and complex disclosure requirements under the first SFDR reporting cycles and their pitfalls.

We are looking forward to further deepening our cooperation. Finally, with FS Impact Finance becoming a member, we want to express to Cerise+SPTF a huge thank you and appreciation for their expertise and work that is second to none.

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