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Ralf Burmeister as co-author of a paper published by the Bundesinitiative Impact Investing

Why Impact Investing in Frontier & Emerging Markets?

Our Senior Portfolio Manager Ralf Burmeister, along with other authors, contributed to answering this question in a paper recently published by the Bundesinitiative Impact Investing:

As a member of the Bundesinitiative Impact Investing since 2022, we are also part of the Working Group “Frontier and Emerging Markets”.

The paper illustrates the potential for investors in those markets to combine generating returns with tackling social or environmental challenges, like gender disparities and biodiversity decline.

Ralf Burmeister

Ralf Burmeister joined in the summer 2019 as portfolio manager for the GLS MicroFinance fund. Starting his banking career in the almost classic way with a banking apprenticeship and a diploma in economics afterwards, Ralf took a role as a banking analyst in credit research, focussing on secured funding for banks as well as hybrid capital.

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