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When asking myself the question what makes the job ideal for me, there are two key words that come to my mind first: creativity and improvement. FS Impact Finance offers me the environment where I can improve and bring positive changes to my work both individually and as part of a great team of amazing people whom I’m happy to work with. I work with the team based in Yerevan, Armenia, and for me remote working creates additional opportunities to combine creativity with focused effort to make growth happen in my daily work and to aspire to new achievements.

Lilit Grigoryan

At FS Impact Finance we don’t go down the easy route. We take on some of the most pressing issues of our time – issues for which there is no quick fix or standard toolbox. And we are given the time it takes to develop new ideas and concepts. It’s inspiring to work in such an environment, especially with people who really want to change things for the better.

I like finding solutions. It’s not about thinking outside the box, it’s about changing the parameters of the box. At FS Impact Finance, we truly strive for the triple bottom-line: finding the business solutions that can make the world more sustainable for people and planet. I’ve been given the freedom to work where I most want to. Unsurprisingly, it’s a region with many problems, but I’m given the patience, the support, the encouragement to learn and grow, which is great because I have a bigger box of tools with which to work – finding those solutions.

Michael Crayne

The work environment at FS Impact Finance is excellent, and very well designed for employees’ development both professionally and personally. The company’s culture is based on shared commitment and motivation, with an attitude to reach a strong performance while still keeping the work-life-balance. I really enjoy working in this very multi-cultural, versatile and cooperative team.

Oumy Sarr

With FS Impact Finance I found an attractive employer who offered exactly what I was searching for: a challenging and exciting job in the sector I am passionate about, with huge potential to grow and flexibility at the same time. I joined FS Impact Finance coming from an industry sector which is highly attractive for impact investing in emerging economies. Without major financial expertise, but a strong background in consulting, I quickly grew into the role as Investment Manager for the Restoration Seed Capital Facility. Supported by the right training and learning on the job, I benefitted from a steep learning curve and quickly adopted the new role and responsibilities within a pleasant environment. Things I enjoy most are the flexibility, the possibility to actively drive change and impact and the team spirit.

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