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Guarantee-backed founders’ loan for AYUUKU

Driven by the desire for a holistic lifestyle, in November 2022 the three entrepreneurs Judith Birghoffer, Cécile Birghoffer and Vanessa Görner founded AYUUKU (Indonesian for “my beauty“). AYUUKU offers premium plant-based drinkable wellness shots that are skillfully composed of tropical, vitamin-rich fruits, roots, and a blend of spices.

Over a period of two years, the three female founders worked on the perfect composition of their AYUUKU Super Shots with certified food technologists from Mainz and Frankfurt. The result is a set of revitalizing, innovative flavour combinations, all free from preservatives, artificial flavours, added sugar, or caffeine, and packaged in an environmentally friendly and recyclable glass bottle.

The Frankfurt Start-up Fund is especially proud of having arranged a guarantee-backed founders’ loan of EUR 50,000 in 2022 to help the young business kick-start their product to market readiness and reach their envisaged market potential of EUR 5.5 million in Germany.


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