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Impact Report 2022

Impact Report 2022

We are thrilled to present you our Impact Report 2022. This marks a significant milestone in FS Impact Finance’s journey as an impact-focused asset manager.

We believe in making a positive difference in the world while delivering sustainable financial returns for our investors and clients. Transparency is vital to building trust, and we want to take our responsibility towards our stakeholders seriously.

This report is designed to showcase how our impact investing activities may lead to tangible positive outcomes in both the financial world and the wider communities in which we work. Through partnerships, innovative financing structures and prudent capital allocation, we are committed to driving positive change in the areas that matter most. All these milestones rest on the work of our dedicated team and the support of our funding and cooperation partners. We are grateful to all those who are accompanying us on our impact journey.

We invite you to read our Impact Report and join us in making a meaningful impact on the world. Together, we can pursue our mission: Investing today for a better tomorrow.

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