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Tatiana Gallegos OsterlofTatiana Gallegos Osterlof Portrait

Tatiana Gallegos O.

Transaction Manager

Hard working people will never be motivated by money alone, but by belonging to a place where they can develop the best of themselves.

Tatiana Gallegos Osterlof has been a transaction manager
at FS Impact Finance since July 2016.

Her interest in development finance and motivation to learn new things have been fundamental for her success in her position and growth within the team. Besides her transaction tasks, Tatiana supports FS Impact Finance with the day-to-day operational responsibilities. She has a creative background and most of her previous experiences were in design agencies and in the communication sector in Costa Rica.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Communication with a specialization in Graphic Design from the National University of Costa Rica.

Some of her favorite things are travel, yoga, spending time with her family and friends and talking about food with anyone who is interested.

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Tatiana Gallegos O.

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