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Ivan KrsticIvan Krstic

Ivan Krstic

Investment Manager

The world is getting more complex, yet the way to make it better is simple – staying curious, believing in the power of individuals to make a change and being proactive in communicating and helping others.

Ivan Krstic joined FS Impact Finance’s investment management team
in June 2018,

following 15 years in the banking sector. Having had the opportunity to work as regional branch manager, head of risk management and head of internal audit at ProCredit Bank Macedonia, Ivan has gathered a vast array of experience in finance, both in Macedonia and internationally.

In his current professional life, he cherishes the opportunity to work in the European, Asian and African markets for further personal and professional growth.

He displays a high ability and willingness to share his knowledge and support his colleagues.

Ivan holds a Master of Science in Telecommunications from the Technical University Sofia, Bulgaria. In his spare time, Ivan tries to balance between enjoying time with his family and friends, the company of a good book and time at the gym.

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