Advisory Services

Frankfurt School Financial Services also offers consulting services in the areas of capital markets, risk management, investment advisory and structuring services.

Investment and Risk Management Consulting

We provide advice for investment decisions and risk management analysis for capital market products in particular alternative assets (e.g. Structured Credit). Currently, we support customers in the filed of structured credit (risk management) and microfinance (investment and risk management).

Consulting and training for financial institutions and banks

FSFS supplies training and technical assistance to financial institutions or borrowers in developing countries. The implementation is carried out in close coordination with our partners department IAS International Advisory Services.

Market Studies

We lead market or feasibility studies in different financial areas and regions.  One example is the SAP Banking Study which consisted of a thorough analysis of current drivers and innovation trends in banking, as well as an analysis of how they relate to the current business challenges. The specific goal of the study was to investigate how innovative business intelligence solutions can shape interactions with stakeholders, enhance risk management and compliance, and create integrated global value chains.