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New crowdinvesting campaign on Here comes The Good Roll!

A few days ago, a new campaign was launched on our crowdinvesting platform Presenting the “toilet paper that builds toilets”!

Tens of thousands of trees are felled every day – just for toilet paper.

A large number of trees are cut and turned into toilet paper every day – around 27 000. Only to be flushed down the toilet within seconds. The Dutch company The Good Roll and its daughter company in Ghana have therefore dedicated themselves to the mission of offering an alternative to conventional virgin fiber paper. An alternative that protects the climate, is produced in a fair way, supports the local economy in Ghana, and saves hundreds of thousands of trees from being felled.

The solution: sustainable bamboo paper with a social component

Founded in the Netherlands in 2017, The Good Roll has two key objectives:

First, to stop the cutting down of tens of thousands of trees per day to produce toilet paper and offer a more sustainable toilet paper instead; and second, to provide more people in West Africa with access to clean sanitation. After all, 3.6 billion people worldwide still lack this access.

That is why The Good Roll offers environmentally friendly products made from bamboo and recycling material and donates 50 % of its net profits in Europe for building public toilets in West Africa.

Tree-friendly toilet paper by The Good Roll

Bamboo as an alternative to trees

Locally available bamboo is much more climate-friendly than using trees to make toilet paper. Not only does it grow back much faster, but it can also be harvested without affecting the plant. Thus, bamboo continuously stores CO2. At the same time, existing forests can be preserved as existing CO2 reservoirs.

Until now, The Good Roll has sourced the bamboo for paper production externally from China. However, bamboo also grows naturally and in large quantities in Ghana. The company has therefore paved the way for producing its own sustainable bamboo paper by founding its subsidiary The Good Roll Factory Ghana. The factory was completed in spring 2022 and will start operations in mid-May.

Kick-off for the construction of the toilet paper factory in Ghana

The Good Roll Factory Ghana is now looking for investors to finance the purchase of bamboo and thus advance its production.

Crowdinvesting via

The Good Roll offers investors the opportunity to participate in the sustainable, tree-friendly and 100 % fair production of bamboo toilet paper in Ghana. By doing so, they directly contribute to Sustainable Development Goals 6, 8 and 12 (Clean Water and Sanitation; Decent Work and Economic Growth; Responsible Consumption and Production).

The use of bamboo as a raw material reduces deforestation and also provides local farmers with a new source of income. Production in Ghana strengthens the local economy and makes the country less dependent on toilet paper imports in the future.

As The Good Roll uses 50 % of its net profits to build sanitary facilities, investors also contribute directly to improving the lives of tens of thousands of people, including many schoolchildren who finally get access to clean toilets.

Read more about The Good Roll at

School kids in Ghana in front of their newly built sanitary facilities


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