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Translight Solar campaign now online!

“Wherever there is sunlight, there is Translight” launched today with its first campaign: Translight Solar Ltd. from Ghana.

For almost 7 years, Translight has been offering its customers comprehensive technical services related to the planning, installation and continuous control of solar PV systems. In addition, Translight already offers its private customers a “solar leasing model”; by cooperating with local financial institutions, the acquisition costs can be paid off on a monthly basis. For corporate customers, this option has so far only been available to a very limited extent. Above all, larger companies from industry and trade usually have to pay the systems worth several 10,000 EUR in advance, so that Translight can purchase and install them in the first place. All too often this advance payment – i.e. the lack of financing options – completely prevents these economically and environmentally beneficial investments. At this point, the “energy transition” in Ghana and in large parts of Africa is missing out a huge potential.

In future, Translight wants to complete its service package and enable also selected corporate customers to finance PV systems by using an innovative “lease-to-own” model. The aim is to give a large number of companies access to inexpensive solar power. But not only local companies benefit, but also the global climate: By converting to solar power – especially in a country like Ghana, where a large number of “dirty” diesel generators are still in use – significant CO2 savings can be achieved.

The solar leasing model has already proven itself in other African countries and also has great potential in Ghana. Still Translight has to purchase and install the solar systems – which transfers the initial pre-financing problem from the end customer to the PV provider. Translight is therefore looking for Crowd investors to jointly implement solar leasing projects at two established local companies.

Check out Translight Solar – Crowdinvesting for more information on the Translight campaign. Join the Crowd and make things happen!


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